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Friends Of Rosewood funds a variety of Rosewood programs from music and physical education to teacher, supervisory aide and school-wide financial support.

We put on the Fall and End-of-Year Festivals and support the creation of the school Yearbook, various fundraising and family activities and more. We also support Rosewood in small but vital ways by providing services such as affordable on-site childcare during important events like Back-to-School Night.

Who We Are

Friends of Rosewood (FoR) is a parent-led 501.c3 charitable non-profit booster club that supports and raises money for Rosewood Avenue Elementary School. In today’s economy, fundraising and volunteer support has become a necessary part of our children’s public school experience. We exist for the benefit of our children and seek to enhance and assist the education programs at Rosewood.

We are all volunteers. Many FoR supporters are working moms and dads; some are stay-at-home parents; some have a lot of time to give, while others have very little. We all work together to do and donate what we can.

We're a group that welcomes EVERYONE. We encourage you to come to our meetings—they’re a great place to talk to other parents, find out from our principal what’s coming up, get program and budget updates and more. Our meetings are a fantastic way to learn what’s going on at Rosewood and how it affects your child.

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