Friends Of Rosewood School Support Fee 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I donate to public school? Isn't public school supposed to be free?

Many of us went to excellent public schools with small classes, music, and PE and art programs, without any expectation of parental financial contributions. Unfortunately this is not the reality of public education today in California; the funding the state provides school districts is inadequate, and schools are forced to either accept a significant reduction in the quality of the educational experience they are providing to students or rely on parents to fill in the gaps.


What will happen if we don't raise all the money?

We will continue to fundraise through the year. However, the ANNUAL SCHOOL SUPPORT FEE is the largest fundraising effort each year, we encourage you to contribute what you can and then just a little more. Our goal is 100% participation.  Programs such as arts enrichment, the Rosewood Science Garden, teacher stipends and our dedicated library aide are in jeopardy if we cannot reach our goal.


Maybe I should look around at other public schools.

All of the public schools in California have been affected by the budget crisis. To the extent California public schools are able to maintain a quality education for their students, the schools and school districts are relying on sources other than the state. Many high performing public schools and charter schools are asking for thousands of dollars per student.  Our goal is 100% school wide participation BEFORE the budget crisis, a number that will almost certainly go up.


Should I Consider Private School?

Private schools are currently charging between $20,000-$30,000 per student, per year; this fee has been continually increasing by about $1,000-$2,000 per year over the last few years. Private schools also typically expect a substantial annual donation and conduct multiple additional fundraisers throughout the year.


I don't want to give the money if other people don't.

We are working actively to broaden the financial commitment of our school community to get a higher percentage of parents donating. Please know that there are also people who donate more, sometimes significantly more, than what we ask. We really hope you will think about this in terms of reaching to give what you can. FOR is working to involve as many of the parents as possible.


Why is this entire burden being put on parents - aren't there other ways to raise money?

We have a group of parents hard at work reaching out to the community for donations and grants. We hope to raise significant funds from the community through this outreach, and welcome any ideas and assistance in this ongoing effort. However, the situation is such that we must rely on both parents and the community to avoid a reduction in the quality of education for our children.


I want to contribute, but I can't pay ALL at once.

We are absolutely flexible in accommodating your payment schedule. Even if you can't write a lump sum check, please consider our various payment options. Please discuss concerns with any FOR Board member with whom you feel comfortable. All discussions will be kept confidential.


Is this contribution tax deductible? Why is the check to FOR and not the school?

Yes, it is tax deductible. Donations to FOR allow for more autonomy for FOR to utilize the funds in the manner the parents would like; otherwise, LAUSD could gain control of the Rosewood Elementary funds and use them for other purposes.  Friends Of Rosewood is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation - Federal Tax I.D. 91-208142.


This is depressing. Can we really pull this off?

Yes. Look at what our school community has done in the last three years! If everyone joins together and participates in this SSF drive, we can absolutely continue to provide our children with one of the most important things we as parents can give to our kids - a quality education.