Rosewood Policies


In order to provide a safe campus for the children, all campus gates will be locked throughout the school day. All children must enter the school through the Alfred St gate in the morning and not the parking lot. Students CANNOT leave the grounds until the close of school without a parent/guardian. This has been established for the safety of the student. Parents volunteering on campus or conducting business must sign in at the main office to receive a visitor's pass.


  1. Chaperones will be assigned small groups of students for whom they will be responsible. Chaperones will need to know the whereabouts of each child at all times. The chaperones will stay with the same group of students throughout the field trip (including on the bus).
  2. Field trips are only for the students currently attending Rosewood. Siblings are not permitted to attend a trip if they are not a part of the class.  
  3. As many of the field trips involve programs that begin at specific times, it is very important that all chaperones (and students) be punctual for activities and departures.
  4. Chaperones (and students) do not need to bring any money. Please do not buy your group anything (this includes food, drinks, souvenirs, extra activities, etc.).
  5. Chaperones must wear appropriate attire on field trips as they are representing the school as well as setting an example for the students.
  6. Rosewood Teachers have the ultimate responsibility and authority for ensuring a safe trip. Chaperones must abide by teacher requests, which will assist in maintaining a safe, secure environment.
  7. Chaperones with cellular phones should provide the number to the lead teacher for emergency contact information. Please refrain from using cellular phones for personal conversations.
  8. In order to comply with district policy during district-sponsored events, chaperones: may not use, sell, provide, possess, or be under the influence of drugs or alcohol; may not use tobacco in the presence of, or within the sight of students; may not possess any weapon.