General Information


Parent and community volunteers are welcome and appreciated.  Those wanting to volunteer time may do so in the main office, library, garden, parent center, organizing the lost & found, and classroom.  Please check with the principal if you’d like to volunteer time in the main office, library, garden, lost & found, or parent center.  Please check with the appropriate classroom teacher if you’d like to volunteer either in the classroom or perhaps doing an at home project.  If volunteering, please check-in in the main office to get a visitor’s pass.


Rosewood is located in a very densely populated neighborhood and parking is challenging.  To ensure students arrive on time to school, the Safety Valet opens at 7:30AM and is located on Alfred Street.   Parents are asked to pull their car through the car line and have their child greeted by the friendly adult volunteer.  Please have your child’s backpack and any personal items ready prior to arriving at the point in the line when the volunteer opens the car door.  Please do not stop your car in the line and take items from the trunk.  


A Room Parent is a parent that volunteers to work as a liaison for the classroom teacher and classroom families.  A Room Parent may be asked to develop a classroom contact list and telephone tree, help with class parties by finding parents to donate items or time, help cut, glue, or organize class projects, find parents to chaperone class trips, etc.  The classroom teacher selects a Room Parent based on the needs of the classroom.  The principal oversees the Room Parents.   


The TK program offers the "gift of time" to those students that are a bit younger; those needing more time with socialization and exploration. The TK program is not a special education program. The Rosewood community is pleased and proud to be able to offer this groundbreaking program as a means to foster student success. The TK program is a two year program.


Come and meet teachers who will review your child’s class curriculum, procedures, homework, behavior expectations, and other important information. THIS IS NOT THE TIME FOR A PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCE, please schedule a conference with your child’s teacher.

Back-to-School-Night is for parents only; please make necessary arrangements for childcare.

For your convenience, FoR will provide childcare during Back to School Night at a nominal fee, but pre-registration is required and spaces are limited. Students will have a snack and watch a movie.  Registration forms will be on the back of the Back-to-School Night invitation. Please check your child’s backpack.


This is an evening to acknowledge creativity and academic accomplishments.  Open House is a time for all stakeholders to come together as a school community to celebrate the work being done at the school site.  Families are urged to visit all classrooms, the Science Fair, the Book Fair, and the Computer Lab.


A Parent Teacher Conferences is conducted at the end of the first grade-reporting period.  The conference allows parents to monitor the academic and social development of students and to involve parents in the educational processes. Individual parent conferences are conducted on school sites and written records of parent participation are kept by schools.


Need to Improve Notices are distributed to students 6 weeks before each reporting period, if the student is at risk of receiving a 1 or 2 on their report card.  Students receiving a Need to Improve Notice have 6 weeks to improve their grade.  Parent, teacher, and student should work together to develop strategies to help the student.


At Family Math Night and Family Literacy Night, children encourage their parents to participate in a variety of activities involving math and literacy. The children are often quite surprised on the occasions when they realize they know more about a particular topic than their parents do. The children involve their family in hands-on activities which include a variety of disciplines pertaining to math and literacy, under the facilitation of a teacher.  Family Math Night and Literacy Night creates a great environment for children and parents to learn together.  


Attendance messages are sent twice a day to the parent/guardian of students that have an absence or tardy that day, by the Connect-ED notification system. 

Calls are made based on the attendance information in LAUSDMAX. Attendance information is taken from LAUSDMAX at 9:00 a.m. to generate the morning call to the parents/guardians. This call provides parents/guardians an early notification of absence and tardies, so that an effort can be made to get the student to class. The evening call is based on attendance data in LAUSDMAX as of 3:30 p.m. and reflects attendance information for the entire day.

Attendance is taken each morning at 8:16AM, by the classroom teacher. 


Parents/guardians of students between the ages of 6 and 18 years who have accumulated three or more unexcused absences will be mailed an Initial Notice of Truancy (NOT) Letter.  The Initial NOT Letter lists up to ten dates of qualifying unexcused or uncleared absences, along with the name of the school at which the absences occurred. Unexcused or uncleared absences accumulated at any LAUSD school within the same school year are counted toward the classification of truancy. Unexcused tardies of 30 minutes or more count as an absence.  


Attendance is taken each morning at 8:16AM, by the classroom teacher.