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Friend Of Rosewood Nominations & Elections Meeting


Nominations & Elections for 2016 -2017

I want Rosewood Elementary to be one of the best schools in LAUSD

I want my child to have a great school year – to learn and to have fun!

I want to help decide how PTO fundraising money is spent.

I want all the students at Rosewood to be successful.

If the above statements are true, then “help us help the school”. Parent involvement is critical for a successful school, so volunteer as a PTO officer or a committee chair for 2016-2017.  There are jobs that take no more than a couple hours a month, some that are seasonal, and a few that require a routine commitment.

Dedicated teachers, staff, and PARENTS help make Rosewood Elementary a great school!  Join us – it’s rewarding, it’s important, it’s even fun!

Nominate yourself or someone else.  All positions can be shared. (See back of form for position descriptions.) If you have any questions, please contact Igor Olenich at

Elections will be held at the PTO General Meeting on Friday, May 20, 2016 in the school auditorium.   All candidates for officer positions must be registered with the Nominations Committee by noon on May 13, 2016. Please return this form to your child’s teacher or to the school office.

Officer and Committee Chair Descriptions

The PTO Board of Directors is comprised of elected officers, committee chairs, and school representatives.  It meets once per month to conduct PTO business.  Anyone may attend. General meetings for the entire membership are scheduled twice per year: one in August to approve the budget, one in May to elect officers.

Elected Officers

Co-President (2) – Serve as leaders and key contact for the PTO; preside at all PTO meetings; ex-officio members of most committees; appoint chairpersons for special committees; coordinate the work of the officers and committees so that the PTO’s objectives can be met. (Effort: year-round, on- going)

Vice President (1) - Act as an aide to the President; perform the duties of the President in the absence or inability of that officer to serve; assume other responsibilities as assigned by the Executive Board; coordinate the general activities of any Special Committees created by the Executive Board. (Effort: year-round, time varies depending upon roles)

Secretary (1-2) - Keep the minutes of all general meetings and all meeting of the Executive Board; prepare correspondence and perform all other duties assigned; maintain master documents on school computer; help recruit committee chairpersons for all vacant standing committees of the board; keep the calendar of events for the PTO. (Effort: 3-4 hours per month, includes attending meeting and typing up minutes)

Treasurer (1) - Be responsible for and have custody of all funds; make disbursements as properly authorized; be present at all PTO events where money will be collected; assure that PTO policies and best practices are followed with regards to funds; prepare financial reports for each meeting and as needed; prepare the books for an annual audit. (Effort: 4-5 hours per month, average)

Members (8) – Attend meetings and actively participate in at least one Committee.

Chairs and Other Positions

(Remember, these are COMMITTEES – there should be volunteers to help.)

Community Sponsors/Partners - Coordinate community partnership activities and corporate sponsorships, works closely with Events and Fundraising Committee. Disseminate positive information to the community about the school, its students, and the PTO. Promote related activities and programs in order to heighten community awareness. Many tasks (like notices to newspaper) can be accomplished via email. (Effort: year-round, but minimal, 1-2 hours per month.)

Fundraising - Manage the coordination of the PTO’s fund-raising activities. The PTO holds one big catalog sale in the fall and several events throughout the year. Other small programs include Ralphs and Food for Less rewards programs and “family nights” where a restaurant or recreation center hosts a “Rosewood Elementary Night.” Only 2 or 3 per year, Family Nights require minimal effort – a few phone calls to arrange and sending home a flyer (usually supplied by host). Effort: Fall Sale (12-14 hours), Spring Sale (3-5 hours), Family Nights (1-2 hrs each). Also manages phone drive to collect student activity fees from parents – usually one big drive in October.

Hospitality/Membership – Coordinate any hospitality activities, including welcome program and documentation for new families and kindergarten families. Publish the student address directory with Mrs. Crowder. Organize the annual PTO membership drive and the on-going process to encourage membership. Maintain membership records - collection and formatting of address data from electronic source and updating throughout the year. Effort is primarily in August, September. 3-5 hours per month. Minimal role after September.

Events - Hold monthly meeting with teachers and weekly update with principal to coordinate and support school events with PTO. Coordinate the PTO’s annual fall and spring family/fundraising events. Typically includes silent auction, raffle, concession sales, and activities (either a movie night or a carnival). Usually held in October/November and April. Significant planning begins by August for Fall Festival and January for Spring Fling. Involves a large committee with project leaders for various areas. Effort is substantial, especially the- 6 weeks prior to the event. Time spent depends on how work is divided and how roles assigned.

Volunteer – Coordinate volunteers for PTO events and school activities and acts as a liaison with the room parents. Collect list of general volunteers at beginning of year and for special events. Assure that volunteer data is recorded and available to both the Board and teachers. Work with teachers, room parents, staff, and leaders of committees to assure volunteers are recruited for programs as well as FOR events. On-going dialog with room parents as to class and grade activities. Update PTO at regular monthly meetings on school events. (Effort: on-going, year round; time peaks with a few big events. Average: 3 hours per month; could range from 0 to 8 hours per month during major events.)


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